Summer On the Mount #2 Blessedness of Brokenness Matthew 5:3
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June 19, 2022 MW

Matthew 5:3

A. I heard the story told of a man that was down on his luck and couldn’t pay his bills so he went to the pastor for advice. The pastor said for him to go home and open his Bible and do what it said. Weeks went by before the pastor saw him again and when he did he was as happy as any man, hardly one down on his luck. The pastor asked him what he had done that changed everything around for him. The man said, I did what you told me, I opened my Bible and the page opened to Chapter 11, so I went down and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

B. I am not advocating for any of you to file bankruptcy this morning but I am going to ask you to bankrupt yourself. You see this is the whole idea behind our first beattitude. If you truly desire happiness in spite of outward circumstances (the def. of the word blessed) then it will begin by becoming poor. Not poor financially, but poor in Spirit. This seems like a contradiction to us but it really isn’t. We think money is the source of all happiness…friends it is NOT! A person can be completely miserable with the most money, biggest house, fastest car, fanciest clothes and even a dog that licks your face when you come home. All of these things are fine and dandy but happiness they will not bring with them.
I Cor. 15:19, tells us that if we have hope in this life only we are going to be miserable people. So, what does it mean to become poor in Spirit?

C. This Beattitude could be reworded to say this: true happiness can be yours if you willingly void yourself of all of your own ideas and notions about godliness and see that what you truly need is Jesus Christ. I want to ask you if you will willingly bankrupt yourself of your own spirituality and your own righteousness and call out to Jesus to save you! This is the first step and beginning our pursuit of true spiritual happiness!

D. I’ll ask you again, like I did last week, “Are you a happy person? Do people see a joy and happiness in your life that is not based on circumstances, good or bad?” This morning notice how you can pursue happiness by experiencing THE BLESSEDNESS OF BANKRUPTCY.

Romans 12:3, John 3:18, Romans 3:9-10, Romans 2:11
Note: Men today think they have it all figured out. We think we are the top of the food chain and that God is blessed to have us as His creation. When man is confronted with God’s Word and the truth concerning sin and salvation they begin to rationalize certain things. Notice the many ways that we display our self righteousness.
A. The Assumption Rationale John 3:18
–A loving God wouldn’t send me to Hell
B. The Work Your Way into Heaven Rationale
Romans 3
–I am too good to go there
C. The Comparison Rationale Romans 2:11
–I am better than other people
D. The Buy Your Way In Rationale
–I give more than anybody else to charity and churches

Note: God’s Word is very plain. Man thinks he is so righteous on his own merits that he deserves Heaven and that he deserves happiness. God comes to His sinful fallen creation and says that you need me! You can rationalize and display your righteousness all you want but it will not work!
A. We are Spiritually Worthless without Him
–our inability John 3:3, Romans 8:8, Isaiah 64:6
–our inadequacy—Isaiah 6:5

B. We are Spiritually Wicked without Him
–our sin by birth
–our sin by choice

Note: Man thought he was good enough but after hearing the word of God he becomes convicted. He realizes that he needs salvation. Only when he realizes that he is nothing and has nothing that can get him to Heaven will he look to God. This is what it means to become poor in Spirit. How can we become poor in Spirit? The plan is as simple as ABC.
A. Accept What God says About You Romans 3:23, 6:23
B. Believe that Jesus Died as Your Substitute
Romans 5:8
C. Confession to God and Faith in Jesus Acts 20:21

IV. THE REWARD OF A LOVING GOD v. 3b, Isaiah 57:15
Note: There is no greater joy that can be had than the knowledge that you will never die, and the glorious place called Heaven will be your home forever, FOREVER!
A. The Inhabitants of Heaven
–people who have all stopped trusting themselves and trusted Jesus instead!
B. The Invitation to Heaven

In order to journey toward happiness, it all begins right here…

Step #1 Realize that if you see yourself and how God sees you don’t match up, YOU need to change because God will not change.

Step #2 Accept what God says about you, believe that Jesus died in your place and make confession to God and place your faith in Jesus.