Membership identifies our community and family. It identifies who will serve and be entrusted with leadership (Acts 2:41; 6:3-5, Hebrews 13;17).

The Bible places a major emphasis on the need for Christians to be accountable to each other for spiritual growth. Accountability comes when you are committed to other believers (Acts 2:41, Galatians 6:1-2, Hebrews 10:24-25).

Anyone interested in church membership is encouraged to make an appointment with our pastor who will be glad to sit down and answer any questions about church membership and how you can join our church family.


Transferring Membership

If you have previously become a Christian, have been baptized as a symbol of your faith, and have been a member of another church of like faith, you may join by letter. This “letter” is like a letter of recommendation from your previous church. Receiving your letter is a clerical matter and is taken care of by Acadiana Baptist Church after you present yourself for membership.


You may join Acadiana when you are ready to give a public testimony of your faith in Christ by following the command in Scripture to be baptized.

Statement Of Faith

If you have previously become a Christian, have been baptized as a symbol of your faith at a church of like faith but for some reason would not be able to transfer your church membership (i.e. you are coming from a church which does not keep membership records, your previous church disbanded or somehow lost your membership records, etc.), you may come for membership by statement. Acadiana will accept your personal statement that you are a believer, have been baptized, and wish to become a church member.