How to Love the King 2 Samuel 19:24-30
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September 26, 2021 MW
Acadiana Baptist Church

2 Samuel 19:24-30

Have you ever turned on your TV and forgotten that for whatever reason, the night before you had cranked it up? It is pretty shocking and causes all kinds of commotion as you reach for the remote, your wife and kids are yelling at you to turn it down, the dogs running for cover!

Life can get that way too…life can be very loud! When it is sometimes, our focus can be misplaced. Instead of consistently loving Jesus, we often insulate ourselves and life’s purpose can become self-preservation! There is not anywhere in the Bible, where we are encouraged to self-preserve…in fact the Bible speaks about quite the opposite, Matthew 16:25, “For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.” Self-preservation tells us to take care of number 1, and WE are that number 1! So here is the million dollar question, “Are you more interested in your throne, or whether or not God is sitting on THE throne?”

The last time we were together, we spoke about a man named Mephibosheth. He was injured by someone else’s mistake, forgotten and cast aside, yet loved by the King! Many years have gone by and David’s son, Absalom, has stolen the throne and a civil war has ensued. Long story short, David wins, and begins the journey home and meets Mephibosheth and finds him unbathed and unkept.

We would do well, to pause and consider what Mephibosheth has endured. David had loved him, like his own son, and because of that love, Mephibosheth, who did not have ANYTHING, was given EVERYTHING! So, he loved the King above all else. His life, however, has now been rocked! He was unable to follow David because Ziba had abandoned him. Ziba, his servant has told David a lie that he had supported the opposing team and wanted to take the throne back in the name of his grandfather (1 Samuel 16:3). Self-preservation would’ve told Mephibosheth that since David was dethroned, Absalom was dead, that he was the rightful heir and could’ve claimed the throne. However, his LOVE for the king, would not allow him to do such a thing.

BIG IDEA: When your world gets rocked, you must continue to let your love for God rule in your heart.

I. LOVE HIM WITH DEVOTION vs. 24, 1 John 4:19
Note: The Scripture mentions that Mephibosheth’s feet were not dressed (he had not bathed), beard untrimmed (great pride and care was taken for a Jewish man’s beard), and his clothes were not washed. He is not lazy…he has been in mourning!
A. The Cause of our Devotion v. 28, 2 Samuel 9:1-7

B. The Course of our Devotion v. 30

Note: Remember, Mephibosheth was the grandson of Saul and only living heir. He had a claim by birthright to the throne. However, his dedication and commitment to David, would not allow him to do it. It wasn’t even an option! Physically, we are of the world…spiritually, we are of the Lord! Which throne do you want? Notice 2 Samuel 19:10…the king will not sit on a throne where he is not welcome! Is he welcome to sit on the throne of your life, or do you want to sit there?
A. We Must FORSAKE the World—intent is important! There are things that are not inherently evil, but our intention and dedication to them CAN become evil! Under the guise of making a living, our recreation, even our rest can all take us away from the Lord.
CONSIDER LOT Genesis 13:10, 13:13, 19:1, 19:1, 19:16
looked, leaned, lived, lingered, lost all in Sodom

B. We Must FORGET Ourselves v. 24

C. We Must FOLLOW Our King v. 26
III. LOVE HIM WITH DELIGHT vs. 27, 30, Psalm 42:1
Note: While you may not be able to sense this from the text, it is very evident that the ONLY thing Mephibosheth wanted was to see David where he belonged! It consumed his life! He was all about the king! Oh, that we would have such concern for Jesus being enthroned on our lives and in EVERYONE’S life!
A. Long for the King

B. Love the King absolute surrender—didn’t care about fairness because he didn’t deserve it to begin with!

C. Look Upon the King vs. 30—all was right!

Who is sitting on the throne of your life? This applies to everyone in this room and under the sound of my voice. It is fairly simple thing to discern as well!

You know if Jesus is on the throne of your life or not! He will NEVER force himself there either! He will not sit on a throne that he is not welcome!

Do you love him with devotion, dedication, and delight? If not, why not?