Holy Spirit series #3 The Path of the Holy Spirit Galatians 5:16-18 & 24-25
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January 15, 2023 ABC
The Holy Spirit #3

Galatians 5:16-18, 24-25

Today, we’re continuing our series for the New Year called, “The Holy Spirit”. We all hope to accomplish great things this year and in order to do those things, we will need a full reliance and full understanding of the Holy Spirit.

We need the Holy Spirit in our life because:
1. We cannot live a godly life
2. We cannot serve God adequately
3. We cannot interpret the Word of God correctly

We have already discussed the PRESENCE of the Holy Spirit and identified WHO HE IS, and we have discussed the POWER of the Holy Spirit and identified WHAT HE DOES.

Today, we are going to look at the PATH of the Holy Spirit and discuss what it looks like and HOW we CAN WALK in the Spirit of God.

To walk in the Spirit of God is to walk in dependence and obedience to the Spirit of God who lives in our lives.

Oswald Chambers, “The Christian life is supernaturally natural and naturally supernatural.”

What he means in all things supernatural, they are to be that natural occurrence, it’s normal for a believer, and in all things natural, that is the normal and every day, we are to be supernatural!

Walk in good works: Ephesians 2:10
Walk properly Romans 13:13
Walk by faith 2 Corinthians 5:7
Walk in love Ephesians 5:2
Walk in light Ephesians 5:18
Walk worthy of the Lord Colossians 1:10

The moment you accepted Christ, you got ALL of the Holy Spirit…the question though is how much of you does the Holy Spirit have?
In order to walk in the Spirit there is the matter of…

I. CONTROL vs. 16, 18, Ephesians 5:18, 2 Corinthians 1:22
Note: Verse 16, Walk: peripateo, walking, the walk of life…your walk in life is either in the spirit, or in the flesh…2 wolves in every person…constantly fighting…the one that wins is the one that is fed the most!
A. The SEALING of the Holy Spirit 2 Cor. 1:22
B. The SWAY of the Holy Spirit be not drunk with wine wherein is excess but be FILLED
C. The SUBMISSION to the Holy Spirit-walking takes balance, are you walking like a toddler or like a man?

II. CONFLICT vs. 17, Romans 8:4-9
Note: The 3 enemies of the Christian: the World, the Devil, the Flesh!
A. A DAILY Conflict-constant war rages-lusts of the flesh, or the desires to live outside of the Will of God. The works of the flesh 3 categories: sexual sins, spiritual sins and social sin…AND SUCH LIKE
B. A DECIDED Conflict-you must set your mind…as the mind goes so go our actions!

Can you live 5 minutes without sinning?

III. COMMITMENT vs. 24-25, Galatians 2:20
Note: Verse 25 Walk: stoicheo…our word stoic…means to be in line with, stand beside, hold to, agree with, follow. It carries the idea of marching in an army unit.
A. A HEALTHY Arrangement-crucify the flesh Gal. 2:20
B. A HARMONIOUS Agreement-walk in step
1. our motive-since he has given us life, we WANT TOO, instead of HAVE TOO
2. our motion-our lives are to be in lock step with his will…or are we like the 12-year-old boy told to empty trash NOW but he decides to do it when he wants or not all.
Listen again to Romans 8:6, “..to be spiritually minded is LIFE and PEACE.” I think most of us would agree that all we really want is to enjoy LIFE and ENJOY peace. The path of the Holy Spirit will lead us to this.

The question for each of us is simple, how much of us does the Holy Spirit have, how much of us does He control?

• CRUCIFY the old fleshly nature
• SET your mind to follow the Spirit
• Immediately OBEY the Spirit’s initial prompting