Fixer Upper sermon series Reveal Day Deuteronomy 6:4-15
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Fixer Upper #3
February 26, 2023 ABC

Deuteronomy 6:4-15

This month at Acadiana Baptist, we are putting FAMILIES FIRST in FEBRUARY. Each week will look at a practical and relevant FAMILY MATTER that will strengthen and encourage every family here.

You know how it works…a team of 200 come in, demo everything, construct new stuff, landscaping is done, a stylist comes in and stages the new diggs. The homeowner comes in and OOOH’s and AHHH’s fill the air.

I’ve always wondered what happens AFTER the big reveal happens. How much of the new furniture, knick knacks, pillows, and throw blankets are just part of the staged look of the new home. The homeowner now has the responsibility to keep the new place looking brand new!

So, it is with our families! We see what God’s design is, we tear down old strongholds, and start fresh…what are we supposed to do to keep things going right? How can we keep the wheels from coming off again, how can we keep from falling off the wagon?

Deuteronomy is a second telling of the Law and is Moses sharing the story of Israel with the new generation before they head into the Promised Land! He is recommissioning a new generation and sharing with them the tools necessary for victory as they go forward!

I know these principles were for a culture that is long past us but they still work. We are living in a post Christian culture but strong families can still exist by following timeless truths!

Your families rise, or fall, is contingent on how you apply God’s timeless truths to your life.

I. HEAR THE TRUTH CONTINUALLY (Deut. 6:4, 1 Corinthians 8:4-6)
A. Essential Fundamentals-God is ONE-stark contrast to the polytheism of Canaan’s people
B. Exclusive Faith
Jesus is the ONLY way to Heaven
Keeps a family focused on what matters most
And a very common belief today, is that it doesn’t matter what god you worship, that they are all the same, and we all go to the same place regardless. This is NOT the truth!

This speaks of a totality of love for God…supreme above all others!
A. Loving with All Your Heart-internally-our motives and intents
B. Loving with All Your Soul-with your “being”-every action and word-your life!
C. Loving with All Your Might-the call to love God is not only with our physical muscle, but with everything we have available for honoring God-EVERYTHING AT OUR DISPOSAL!

A. Internalize the Word-shall be in your heart
B. Instruct the Word
-teach and discuss
C. Immerse Yourself in the Word
-keep it in front of you and mark your house

Note: The word “fear” means to have an awe in reference to God! A holy awe is missing in our day…Are we living a Christ-centered life, or a self-centered life!
A. The Danger of Forgetting the Lord
B. The Blessings of Honoring the Lord
1. submit to God
2. serve God
3. stand for God

Hear, love, teach and fear…simple steps to follow but steps that will aid you in the fight for your family! Your family is worth it!

Are you a member of God’s family? Be saved today!