DNA sermon series #5 VALUES: What matters the most
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DNA Who we are as a church Sermon series #4
ABC June 13, 2021

THE VALUES OF ABC: What matters the most!
Matthew 6:21

DNA is the code of life that defines who you are—and the church, ABC, has one too. Our DNA describes the CENTER of who we are as a church. Over the course of this series, we will be looking at God’s plan for the church, why ABC exists, what we believe, details of our DNA and how we are going to get there.

REMEMBER: the church began in the heart of God and exists for the glory of God. God began His church to manifest His glory to the whole world.

What do you value the most in your life? A recent poll reveals that many Americans value “time” first, with “career,” “success,” and “money” coming in as close seconds. Do you agree with that? What we value most demonstrates how we spend our time and resources. What we value most defines ourselves. This is the essence of Matthew 6:21, “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

We hold in high regard certain biblical values that are the building blocks of our mission and vision. Without these values, the mission and vision would be nothing more than mere words and would result in institutionalism. These values breathe life and sustain the quality of our mission and vision. I believe a church’s true core values (not the ones you say you value, but what you really value) serve as guardrails. They keep you on mission. They also communicate to your community what you’re all about. There are some things that we value as a church, things that are at the heart of what we do as a church; things that we are willing to be punished for if you will.

In today’s climate, churches tend to value certain things over other things. There are things that predominate every sermon and service. In the last few years especially, we have witnessed the Christian community, in an effort to be relevant, embrace certain issues that, I believe have taken them away from what Christ has called them too! We have seen them become focused on racial inequalities, social justice, cancel culture, politics, voter disenfranchisement and election tampering just to name a few.

Values are determined by the Word of God and not by what societies latest big issue is.

Paul said what his values were in Philippians 3:4-14. He could’ve boasted in several things from his pedigree but he counted them all as trash, dung, rubbish so that he could win Christ! It was all about Jesus to him and our values all point us to Jesus! What are our values at ABC? Our values must be at the core of our DNA!

At ABC, we value: God’s Glory, the Gospel, Discipleship, Evangelism and Missions/church planting.

The first question we have to ask is HOW can we know that these are the things that we should value as a church? When we view the NT examples, we find their values not written out on a piece of paper but rather in how they acted. What they did was an outpouring of what they valued, hence Jesus’ words in Matthew 6:21. What they treasured was where their heart was! It was what their actions proved that they valued. Its been said that show me a man’s pocketbook and I’ll show you what he loves (for me it would probably show fast food). It was also made visible in what they were doing wrong, or neglecting, and, for example, Paul would write to them that they needed to fix.

The second question we have to ask is HOW do we keep these things as our core values? Well, as Jesus stated, what is our treasure?
• What gets the most attention?
• What gets the most money?
• What will you “get in trouble” for if you don’t do or if you mess up?
• What gets pulpit time?
• What gets the most energy?
• What gets measured?
• What do the people get most excited about?
• What are the people willing to stand and be counted for?
• What are the deep convictions?
• What is accepted and what is resisted?
• What seems to capture a sense of urgency?

ABC’s values drive us as a church and your values will drive you.

We value God’s Glory because we are created in the image of God, and we are to show forth His glory to the world in our daily devotion to Him and in our worship of Him.

We value the Gospel message as the divine revelation of God and the story of Jesus which includes God’s plan of redemption and is the authoritative guide for daily living.

We value discipleship which is the process of training fully devoted followers of Christ where each person reflects the character and skills of Jesus.

We value evangelism, which is the being, doing and telling of the Gospel in order that people might hear, believe and be saved.

We value missions & church planting by following the NT example of spreading the Gospel to the uttermost parts of the Earth.

• Never allow a day to pass without taking time to pray for ABC

• Never speak with anyone without saying a word of praise about ABC

• Commit to learning and living the values of ABC.

We believe passionately in what God is doing here at ABC!

As we close this morning, I have a question that I want to ask each of you: Will you embrace the core values God has given us for this church and join us in the work? We cannot accomplish the task God has given us without a dedicated team of leaders and volunteers who embrace these values and join in the work.

Each one of you has a vital role to play in carrying out the work of God here in this church. There’s a place for everyone to serve. You are important and needed!

Remember, it is God’s Will for every life for a person to be SAVED, SCRIPTUALLY baptized and to JOIN His Church…where are you along that journey?