DNA sermon series #8 The Path: Connect Psalm 16:11, John 15:5
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DNA Who we are as a church sermon series #7
ABC June 27, 2021

ABC DNA THE PATH: CONNECT, grow, serve, and go
Psalm 16:11, John 15:5

DNA is the code of life that defines who you are—and the church, ABC, has one too. Our DNA describes the CENTER of who we are as a church. Over the course of this series, we will be looking at God’s plan for the church, why ABC exists, what we believe, details of our DNA and how we are going to get there.

REMEMBER: the church began in the heart of God and exists for the glory of God. God began His church to manifest His glory to the whole world.

We value CONNECTION at ABC and feel it is vitally important on our PATH of discipleship. We understand how important connection is in the physical world because of electricity. If it ain’t plugged in it ain’t gonna work.

The social media explosion shows how much people want to connect socially. But in reality, Americans are less connected than ever. They are connected to their devices, not other people.

If connection is so valued and vitally important in the physical and social world, how much more important is it in a spiritual sense. This is the BIG IDEA:

The Bible says very clearly that you were created for connections. Life is all about connections! Christianity is not just a belief system; it’s a belong system.

This morning, we are going to learn how to connect and live the joyful life we were meant to live. Who do we need to CONNECT to? I think we can learn a lesson or two from LEGOs to help us understand and we will see why CONNECTING is so necessary…
Note: This is where it all begins, a pile of mismatched blocks. All shapes and sizes and colors a disorganized mess, and it’s a perfect illustration for us.
A. Creation—created for a purpose, within everyone is the realization that they are missing something so they try to fill that longing with whatever they can find…NOTHING can ever fill it though!
B. Chaos—can’t put together themselves, a mess
C. Creator—God the divine architect who perfectly puts the pieces of our brokenness together.
D. Connected—He’s the vine you are the branches…without him you can’t do anything but connected you will bear fruit for the Lord.

Note: Let’s be honest, most of your relationships probably stink. Many people have little or no support network. People don’t know how to make friends. We recognize how shallow social media relationships can be. People increasingly do activities alone that people use to do socially. Many have a history of wrecked and disposable relationships. Something goes wrong and we walk away like abandoned cars on the side of the road. Of course, some do have great relationships. But are your relationships really working the way you would like?

A. The Principle—you were created for connections—Genesis 2:18–look at all this variety yet one common thing…they can connect to each other! Life just works better when you are connected—Ecclesiastes 4:9-12
1. Successful
2. Safer
3. Satisfying
3. Strength

B. The Picture—God values relationships! They are woven throughout the scriptures—this picture shows us how we should value connecting with other believers!
1. God—1 God, 3 persons—perfectly connected
2. Old Testament—God called Abraham and created a people to be His lighthouse and share his love with the world
3. New Testament—Church, a family, body, building, temple, living stones
a. share His light to the lost
b. share His love to the hurting (widows and orphans, poor and powerless)

C. The Plan—together we can change the world! Acts 2:46-47, 6:7

• Never allow a day to pass without taking time to pray for ABC

• Never speak with anyone without saying a word of praise about ABC

• Commit to learning and living the values of ABC.

We believe passionately in what God is doing here at ABC!

As we close this morning, how connected are you? There are consequences to never getting connected to God BECAUSE His son is the only way to Heaven.

Remember, it is God’s Will for every life for a person to be SAVED, SCRIPTUALLY baptized and to JOIN His Church…where are you along that journey?