Our Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

Acadiana Baptist Church exists to help people get from where they are to where God wants them to be.

Core Values

1. We value GOD'S WORD as the divine revelation of God, His redemptive plan for man, and the authoritative guide for daily living.

  • Our Goal: To create an environment where God's Word is declared, understood, and cherished; through sound biblical preaching, teaching, and training.

2. We value MAKING DISCIPLES as the primary function of the church in obedience to Christ. 

  • Our Goal: To mobilize members in reaching unbelievers with the Gospel of Christ, beginning in this community.

3. We value AUTHENTIC WORSHIP as the daily, genuine devotion of grateful believers to God.

Our Goal: To encourage members to daily declare the supreme worth of God in private, family, and public settings; through singing, praying, giving and living for God's glory.

4. We value BIBLICAL COMMUNITY as the evidence of God's love in the church.  Church is a people who do life together, love one another, and work together to serve each other and their city, sharing the good news of Jesus.

Our Goal: To provide opportunities for members to be engaged in the church, finding and utilizing their unique talents; through Bible studies, encouragement, support, accountability and fellowship.

5. We value FAMILIES as the first God-ordained institution to foster godly culture.

  • Our Goal: To promote spiritually healthy families by encouraging and training each member to live a God-centered life and to display God's glory in an ever-changing culture.

Our Vision:

We envision Acadiana Baptist Church will be...

  • A compassionate congregation that shows the love of Christ to everyone, whether inside or outside the church.
  • A welcoming congregation made up of diverse ages, cultures and ethnicities, but unified by the Gospel of Christ.
  • A worshiping congregation that transforms our community through daily praise and sharing the Gospel.
  • A growing congregation that God uses to enlarge His Kingdom through regional church planting and global mission initiatives.
  • A grounded congregation that preaches, teaches and trains disciples in the Word of God.
  • A productive congregation engaged in leadership development that enlists and sends disciples into ministry.