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It can be intimidating to visit a new church. What will they be wearing? How do they worship? Will I be welcome? At Acadiana, we understand the questions and feelings that surround your first visit to a new place. We make every effort to make you feel welcome and right at home from the moment you first arrive and every time you return.

Acadiana is a place where you’ll find:

  • Friendly, caring people

  • A relaxed atmosphere

  • Clear answers from God's Word

  • Great worship and contemporary music

We invite you to drop in and see why Acadiana Baptist Church has become a favorite place to worship for so many people.  As part of Acadiana Baptist, we emphasize God’s grace and love for us in a clear and understandable way. Our message comes simply from the Word of God, as we apply His unchanging truth in verse by verse study of the Bible. Our contemporary Christian music and casual, friendly worship style offer an inviting place to settle in and be refreshed. Drop in sometime and see!


Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?

  • Here at Acadiana we want you to be comfortable in your worship experience.  We encourage you to not stress about what to wear. Most of our frequent attendees dress casually. Our pastor will often be found in jeans or khakis and a collared shirt. Come as you are.

How long are the services?

  • We work hard to keep our service time to an hour. We know that your time is important and we value your schedule. Every now and then we may go a little bit over our scheduled time but we try to keep the services between 10am and 11am.  We have a time of FELLOWSHIP beginning every morning at 9:30 with coffee and donuts and then WORSHIP begins at 10.  We then dismiss from worship and begin DISCIPLESHIP classes as close to 11 each Sunday and they end around 11:45.  On Wednesday's we have a very relaxed BIBLE STUDY time which begins at 7:00 and ends no later than 8:00.  We offer two classes, one for men and one for ladies.

What do you offer for kids?

  • Being a startup church has its fair share of setbacks. One such set back is the lack of personnel to safely staff a nursery and Children's Church.  To assist this need, we offer "Busy Bags" to be checked out each Sunday morning.  Inside you'll find all that is needed to keep your little one occupied while you focus on your worship.  Beginning in July, we will be beginning Bible classes for each group...children-adults.  Soon thereafter, we will be beginning small groups which will include a small group for Jr. High and one for High School students.

What if I don’t believe in Jesus?

  • Everyone is welcome at Acadiana. If you are unsure of what you believe or don’t even believe in Jesus, we encourage you to come check us out. If you’re seeking but you just don’t quite know what for, we are happy to answer any questions that you may have on this matter.


What you can expect from the service?

Meaningful Worship

  • It is our sole purpose to bring honor and glory to our Savior, feel free to express yourself through worship.  You can be comfortable at Acadiana.

Practical Teaching

  • We believe the Bible is the center of all decision making, but if it is not taught in a practical way, none of us will be able to use it in our life. You can count on practical teaching at Acadiana.

A Chance to Serve

  • Our Christianity lacks purpose unless we are given an opportunity to live it out. You will find plenty of opportunities to serve. You can get involved at Acadiana.